We're not kidding, many of the batches are priced at $0.00 !!!  Each of our batches contain 15 of the same coupon. We are a professional coupon clipping service for those who know a great deal when they see one and are willing to get a ton of coupons for very little money. Our site offers all the latest coupons. We try and list the new coupons as soon as possible, be sure to view the site daily to see what's new and what's hot. 

What's the catch ?  The site has a $5 minimum order. For just a few dollars you coupon really load up your envelope with a ton of coupons. Why pay $0.08 or $0.10 each for coupons you can get here for FREE. Everyone orders the hot coupons, why not add to the envelope and try some coupons you normally would not shop for. So what if you can't use all 15, give a few to a friend, trade with another couponer or just leave them for the next shopper. No one really needs 15 tubs of I can't Believe its Not Butter. Grab a batch, use one coupon and give the other 14 coupons away, trade them for others or you could go into the coupon clipping service yourself.

We do coupon cutting differently and you'll see that as we go along.